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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Luckily xda pape.
I terlanggar kreta org td tyme nak reverse!
OH NO!!!
Cuak sgt...
That's my first time bang others car!
This is the story all about..
Hantar my l'il brother pegi main badminton..
This incident happened tyme nak balik la..
So hard nak kluar from my parking lot..
Then i nampak lot parking blakang kosong..
What ive tried to do is nak just reverse masuk then can easily kluar..
My mistakes la kan xtgk right side mirror..
Actualy i dah tgk skali.
Mmg that space emty..
So i just focused to my left side mirror sbb ada motor kat tepi tu..
Suddenly bunyi bang ler from behind!
Toleh jep tgk dah kena kreta..
Panic la kan tyme tu..
But i control cool je..
Stop my car aside then turun..
Nasib baik that car xda pape..
And credit for that aunty td..
She's too good!
Xmarah pun.
So I just said sorry to her..
For those kat luar tu...
Don't be careless like me!