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Sunday, February 06, 2011

...What Der ...

Got a message from "..??" last night!
I don't really know love...
I didn't know it would came to me like this..
My heart doesn't act like it wants to in front of my love..
If I knew I was going to be like this I wouldn't have started in the first place..
Like a fool I'm regretting this late..
I thought that it was a wrong start..
I thought so easily..
I believe that I could always call you..
What should I do..?
Where did it go wrong..?
I need to avoid this love..
I wish you wouldn't be my love..
I wish hat it wouldn't be you deceitd me,telling me that it's not love..
I hope that it would be a passing by fate cause painful wounds will be left on me..
But even when I know this, I'm still greedy..
It keeps getting me sad!
~Damn glew kentang!~
~Appreciate it thanks but no thanks..~
~Sender please back off!~
~Me = going crazy with this kind of thing!~